Approved Over Denied Replay

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Stormi Banks and Nicka Johnson are going to be walking you through step by step how to:

1. Repair Personal Credit

2.Build Business Credit 

3.Apply for credit to get approved 

4.Invest into Airbnb

5. Invest into tax liens 

6.take equity out of your car

and so much more....

You can expect 3 REPLAYS of hands on learning day 1 all about how to repair personal credit with the backdoor method. Day 2 how to structure your business and build business credit. 3. Investment day, we talk how to invest in multiple streams of income.

Each class is approximately 2 hours long with active links to go straight to the source of everything discussed in the chat box.


With this replay not only do you get 3 days of top leveling learning you also will receive credit repair letter templates to remove inquiries and late payments from your report. You will also get the Business lenders secret handbook this shows you which lenders will approve you with what credit score. 


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