Tax Lien Properties Masterclass

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Are you looking to get into real estate but don't have a ton of start up capital, or your credit score is holding you back from getting approved?

Tax Lien Properties could be the right option for you. A tax Lien property can be obtained by going to the auction and bidding on the back taxes owed by the property owner. If you can successfully win at the auction you will become the new owner of this property and have the right of possession.

With this strategy you can buy properties for as low as $600 and wholesale it to an investor, Fix and flip it, or hold it for airbnb or tenants. With no experience or license needed. 

This class teaches you HOW TO:

-Bid at the auction

-Find Investors

-Title search 

-Find your county tax lien sale 

-Due Diligence 

-Find a good deal

We covered two methods of wholesale options for you to choose from to get started easily and at little to no cost. You will have lifetime access to this masterclass but due to its nature there are NO REFUNDS. 

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